​Are you trying to get your business organized?

​I looked all over for the perfect planner or organization system for entrepreneurs.  I needed something that helped me figure out how to plan my business for the month ​BUT  would also fit around my personal life.  It didn’t exist so I ended up creating my own…except it wasn’t a planner.

I realized that ​I needed something more than a planner. I needed a system that changed along with trends in marketing and my needs a small business owner. I built my own planning and strategy system that has helped me to grow my business triple last year.

​I want to share ​my organizational system that was created for entrepreneurs with you.

I’m starting a new membership program called EntrepreSOAR to help organize entrepreneurs like you and me.

Imagine having your content created a month in advance. Your finances are in order and you know what is coming out and when.

You’re able to grow your business with a schedule and plan for your ads and marketing.

You get more done in less time. You FINALLY have time to relax enjoy your life again.

If you are ready to make 2018 the year that you make your goals happen then you will want to become a member of EntrepreSOAR. ​

Try out a sample week below.




I bet you've never met an OCD entrepreneur with ADD....until now. 

Hi. My name is April Bernd and I help entrepreneurs get focused so they can have more time for fun.

I have been an entrepreneur doing everything from photography to web design to crafting to teaching classes. I started in 1992 and haven't quit.  

Today...I help entrepreneurs like you to setup systems to make your day flow easier and your business run like clockwork. 

Jump in and say hello!

Your organizing entrepreneur,

April :)